Student Movers provides reliable moving services. Call the moving company Texans know and trust, Student Movers, Inc. Please give us a call at 713-728-4900 for all of your moving service needs to Austin, Texas now!

Delivering reliable moving labor from experienced moving company professionals is what we do best!

Whether you have your own U-Haul truck and just need a moving crew to come out and load and unload for you, or if you want us to bring out one of our moving trucks in the Austin Area with a professional moving crew, we’ll help you enjoy the huge reduction in stress that comes from knowing real movers are managing your move and helping you get your move done faster and easier without the headaches of begging favors from your friends and family and hoping everyone shows up to help you move!

It’s so much easier to just CALL STUDENT MOVERS and get your move done right and fast!

We have all of our own equipment, can wrap and pad your items to ensure they are safely transported from your old home to your new home easily and securely!

Regardless of the size of your move in Austin, Student Movers can assist you today!

Please give us a call at 713-728-4900 and enjoy the benefits that only the Real Student Movers, based in Houston, Texas can provide you!
Our Austin Moving Company prices and Austin Moving Services are EXCELLENT!

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Get a HOUSTON MOVING QUOTE by contacting our licensed professional Houston moving company.

When you need to move NOW! Call for same day service.
With 24 hour / 7 day a week quality Houston movers service.

When you are ready to move, we will be there.

Houston Student Movers
8630 Lipan Road
Houston, TX 77063
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Houston Movers License DOT# 000556730B
For TXDOT rules and regulations call: 1-800-299-1700

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