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One of life’s biggest challenges is relocating to another city. One wise person said that the move is a process and every process needs a manager and the moving company must become the manager.

You want a manager who knows what to do, when to do it, and who can do it with a minimum of stress on the people moving. Any task that will make the move easier is a task that the mover should address. If boxes and packing materials are needed, the moving company should be able to estimate how many of each size and deliver them when needed. Perhaps you will want the mover to pack up for you.

The moving company should manage the moving costs by describing every cost item; no surprises at the end of the journey. Of course, the first cost identified will be an estimate, but a good moving company can get very close to calculating the cost of the move.

Special handling items like a Piano or the Chippendale antique chest require great care and the movers should be experienced in handling these items and should be able to give you a plan that puts you at ease.

The schedule for loading the truck should be a dependable plan and the schedule for unloading should be predictable. If the movers need to add another customer onto the truck you, want to know this and you want to know what kind of delay this will cause.

The movers Houston employees should be experienced professionals who will use very careful methods to move each item you have.

Are the owners active in the business and approachable? Absentee owners do not make good managers.

If storage in Houston is required, visit the facility to be satisfied that it is clean, climate controlled and free of pests to the extent that you can tell. One east coast moving company warehouse became infested with bedbugs, and so did everything in storage. The problem arose when the customers moved their belongings, and the bedbugs, into their new homes. No need to describe the only solution for that expanding problem.

If you are offered the option of having your move calculated by weight or by cubic feet, choose weight. Some movers supply free storage for a month if you do not have a confirmed address at the time of pick-up.

Check references and check various reviews at different locations online such as Customer Lobby, Angie’s List, Citysearch, Google, etc..

Express to the moving company that your objective is a trouble-free, worry-free move and ask if they are capable of handling that. Most likely they will say yes but you can get a good idea of their real capabilities by following the above

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