Houston moving checklist:

We hope you will find the following list of information regarding moving to be of assistance to you after completing your Houston move. If you are preparing to move in the Greater Houston Area today, please consider calling our moving companies (We are A Rated with the BBB) to help you complete your move quickly and efficiently by dialing (713) 728-4900 today!

We can also assist you with packing and unpacking services to make your move much more enjoyable and less stressful!

NOW for the informative Houston moving checklist…Your move is completed…You are home in your new location, but there are so many details you have to cover….Where to Start? Are you thinking of everything right now while having so much to deal with in terms of change and adjusting to your new space and location?

The very first thing you will want to do…and you probably want to do this before you actually move your things into your new home, is to make sure that all of your utilities are in proper working order. Is your electricity and gas working well in every aspect of the new home? Do all of the light switches work? Are all of your appliances functioning properly? Is your Internet running and with the speed that you are comfortable with?

You might need to check on this to be sure because your Internet service provider often has a variety of different speeds that you can choose from using different types of services, I.e. Fiber cables or other, etc… If it’s fast enough for you then you are good, but you may potentially need to contact the ISP and make sure that you know what speed you are currently signed up for and what better options you have.

Additionally, you have hopefully shopped around when planning for your move because this is really the best time for you to consider whether or not you are receiving the best pricing for the level of service you need. Changes are made each year that affect pricing and service, so don’t be left behind and not know that you might have better options at even lower price rates for your new home!

Of course, another thing that you will likely need to have considered prior to your move, if you have children, is the school district and educational options of the neighborhood you are moving to. You can check online to find out if a school district is rated well in the state you live in and in the nation to help protect your children’s future by visiting the Texas Education Agency website here: http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/perfreport/account/2010/statelist.html (that’s a direct link to some ratings of schools in Texas.)

If your children are entering high school in Texas, this is also a very good site to look at: rankings/texas

You may also need to update your voter registration information, as well as your driver’s license and other important identification and mailing related matters so that you do not fail to receive important documentation that could dramatically affect various aspects of your life after you have moved to a new location in Houston or surrounding areas.

The distance you have moved from and to will also dictate whether or not your physician and dentist are now going to be in a convenient location for your new lifestyle. You may need to begin researching, either through your health insurance website or by contacting other associated professionals to discover which doctors and dentists in your new area will be included in your health plan.

Your bank account info may also need to be changed and it would even be good for you to visit your local library and get a new card!

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