Consider Houston Moving Companies: The most important question to ask yourself after you decide to move is what you are taking with you. A move is typically a great excuse to clean house and purge clutter that has been collecting for years. However moving is also an event where things can get broken or misplaced for years to come. It is important to stay organized and take the proper care when preparing breakable items and furniture. Hiring professionals (such as the A+ Rated BBB Movers-Student Movers Inc. At (713) 728-4900 today) to physically move your things from one place to the next will make the experience go much smoother and conserve your energy for the task of unpacking and settling in your new place.


When preparing your furniture, empty out all of the drawers into appropriately labeled boxes to decrease the weight and keep your items from spilling out. You can either remove the drawers and stack them or tape them shut, but be careful that you do not use a tape that will damage the finish of your furniture or peel it off. You may also want to fold thick pads of paper towels or cut up some bubble wrap and wrap the edges to avoid any chipping or dents that are likely to happen if bumped against a wall.


Do not mix rooms in the same moving box, only use boxes that are size appropriate for the room you are packing up. If you pack most of the bathroom in one box, then some of it in the bedroom box, you will likely never see those bathroom items go back into the bathroom again. These mixed miscellaneous boxes often end up forever lost in the back of a closet because of how long it takes to sort out.


Your breakables require more than just newspaper. Newspaper will not absorb impact, what it will do is keep broken shards of glass from spreading over everything else in the box, and it is not always successful at this. You will need to line the box with soft blankets, bathroom towels or sweaters, wrap the breakables with bubble wrap and separate them from other breakables with more soft fabric. Packing peanuts are also a good option, but be sure to pour the peanuts in first and then bury your breakable items in the center. Filling the box after laying in your item will not protect it from impact from the bottom portion of the box.


Finally, once everything is ready to go, make sure to talk to your professional movers and let them know which boxes need to be put in last (fragile) and if any of them have to be lifted with a particular side facing up. If you follow these tips you should have an easy move.

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