Packing Your CLOSET & CLOTHES 
  • Student Movers will provide you with 4 wardrobe boxes that will make moving hanging clothes in your closet easier.
  • Our professional movers will remove your hanging items from your closet and hang them in our wardrobe boxes.
    • Our movers will then use industrial packaging tape to close and seal the wardrobe boxes.
  • Student Movers will load the wardrobe boxes onto the moving trailer and deliver to your new residence.
    • Our movers will then hang your items from the wardrobe boxes into the closets of your new residence.
    • Student Movers will take the wardrobe boxes after all of your personal items have been removed.
  • If you need to keep wardrobe boxes, or if you need extra boxes, they can be purchased from Student Movers.
Do It Yourself Packing
  • Make sure the boxes and storage you choose are secure and durable and will not rip open or tear during the move.
  • If you decide to keep clothes on the hangers, and do not wish to purchase wardrobe boxes from Student Movers, you may find it easier to manage hangers with garments by tying a sturdy rope/string and bundling them together.  Likewise, if you have extra hangers that do not have garments hanging on them, they are easier to manage and move from one location to another if you have them tied into small bunches.
  • Your bedroom furniture is easier to move from A to B location if you clean out all the drawers.  You also want to make sure that you use tape on all doors and drawers are secure and will not come open during moving process.  Student Movers can wrap all your furniture to hold belongings and doors from coming open.
  • Student Movers use their own durable and industrial strength cardboard boxes.
  • Student Movers has small, medium, and large boxes if you wish to purchase those.
  • Each box is reinforced with industrial packaging tape and labeled properly.
  • Student movers uses protective paper sheeting to insulate every box before wrapping any items.
  • When packing dishes ALL items should be wrapped individually; Student Movers wraps every item individually in 1-2 layers of protective paper:  glasses, glassware, stoneware, china, porcelain, antiques, etc.
  • Remember to be cognizance of the weight of each box.  If the box is not a Student Movers industrial box designed for packing jobs and you are using boxes that have been poorly constructed and not wrapped with quality tape, the weight of the contents will tear the bottom of the box open and your belongings may be damaged and/or broken.
  • If you have valuable items that are extremely sentimental and are irreplaceable, not only because of the monetary value but the intrinsic value as well, we suggest you purchase bubble wrap, (we sell bubble wrap) or wrap the item in blankets, towels, etc.,and transport valuables in your vehicle to keep safe and less likely to be damaged.
Packing Pictures/Art
Student Movers can secure painting and art work by combining two large boxes, bubble wrap, and tape to create an enclosure around the painting/picture for protection during the transition and the move.
                                                                                                        Packing BATHROOM – OPEN CONTAINERS
Student Movers will not pack or move open containers:  chemicals, cleaning spays, old and/or partially used paints, liquids that could easily spill, bleach, etc.
  • Student Movers small boxes are practical when packing bathroom products.  Makeup, toothpaste, lotions, hair products are easily secured when put in the smaller boxes.  It’s helpful to use wash clothes and towels for padding.  All products should be sealed tightly and placed upright.
Packing General Tips
  • Make sure all boxes are labeled
  • Keep items you will need the first night in your new residence easy to assess
  • Make sure you are able to unpack bedding, pillows, etc., easily for your first night
  • If you packed any food/frozen items, make sure to unpack perishable items first
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