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You’ll need:

Small and medium boxes
Bubble wrap
Peanuts or blank newsprint
How to pack:


Wrap each glass and mug in bubble wrap and tape shut. Put layers of bubble wrap in between plates and bowls.
Fill bottom of box with peanuts or wadded paper. Layer in glasses and mugs with peanuts and paper, or place stacks of layered plates and bowls on top. If your glasses have stems, place them upright, as if you were putting them on the table. Fill in sides and top with peanuts and wadded paper.
For larger breakable items – Pyrex dishes, china serving bowls, glass coffee pots – wrap in bubble wrap and tape shut. Put two or three smaller items or one larger item in the center of a small box filled with peanuts. Make sure you put a layer of peanuts or wadded paper between smaller items.
Seal and mark “Fragile – Kitchen.” You’re all finished!
How To Pack Non-Breakable Kitchen Items
You’ll need:

Medium and large boxes
Your kitchen towels and linens
Blank newsprint
How to pack:

Select a few important pieces of essential cookware – a couple of pots, a frying pan, some cooking spoons, a spatula, and utensils for the first day you’re in your new home.
Put blank newsprint (or ripped-open paper bags) between the items. Fill in spaces with wadded newsprint.
Seal and mark “Kitchen.” On the box you need for cooking when you arrive, mark “Kitchen – First Day.” You’re all done!

  • Student Movers use their own durable and industrial strength cardboard boxes.
  • Student Movers has small, medium, and large boxes if you wish to purchase those.
  • Each box is reinforced with industrial packaging tape and labeled properly.
  • Student movers uses protective paper sheeting to insulate every box before wrapping any items.
  • When packing dishes ALL items should be wrapped individually; Student Movers wraps every item individually in 1-2 layers of protective paper:  glasses, glassware, stoneware, china, porcelain, antiques, etc.
  • Remember to be cognizance of the weight of each box.  If the box is not a Student Movers industrial box designed for packing jobs and you are using boxes that have been poorly constructed and not wrapped with quality tape, the weight of the contents will tear the bottom of the box open and your belongings may be damaged and/or broken.
  • If you have valuable items that are extremely sentimental and are irreplaceable, not only because of the monetary value but the intrinsic value as well, we suggest you purchase bubble wrap, (we sell bubble wrap) or wrap the item in blankets, towels, etc.,and transport valuables in your vehicle to keep safe and less likely to be damaged.


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