Movers Houston – Student Movers Inc. Provides exceptional moving service assistance in the Greater Houston Area. Please give us a call at (713) 728-4900 to help you with your next move or relocation within, to or from the Greater Houston Area today!Planning for a move can be taxing, but proper organization methods will help make the experience a lot easier! Of course, the easiest way to do it is to simply call us to have our packing service team take care of packing up your items. However, if you are packing your own household goods, you’ll find a list of info below to help make the experience faster and smoother overall.Keeping in mind that your move includes both the packing and preparation process, as well as the unpacking and settling in process will help you have a much better experience in the long-run.

As you are planning to move in Houston, make sure that you have created a list of the appropriate vendors you will need to contact to establish all of your necessary services at your new home. This is wise to have completed several weeks before you actually make your move. With this list in hand, you can then check each phone call and arrangement off the list and feel more secure that your new home will be comfortable once you move in. You will also be less likely to forget details or places you need to call amidst the potential chaos relocation can cause.

When considering how to pack your things. You will want to get boxes ready and labeled so that your Houston movers know which boxes to place where and so that you can easily identify these once you have moved in.

It will also make the process of packing a lot easier for you and/or any packing service hired help.

Make sure you have enough newspaper, bubble wrap, peanuts, or even just towels to wrap all of your fragile items securely with prior to packing these.


Begin wrapping each item carefully in your wrapping material of choice and make sure the wrapping is thick enough so that minor bumps will not create a problem. You can increase the security of your wrapping by using some form of tape around the outside of your wrapping that will stick well to keep each item from shifting within this wrapping, but be careful not to tape it too tightly closed and break anything during this particular process.

When all of your lists are made, all of your boxes are labeled and placed in the rooms they correspond with and when your valuable items are wrapped, this will make the rest of your packing job a lot easier.

Be sure when you are packing up your items and when you are determining how many boxes you will need for your move that you don’t create any boxes that are too heavy or overloaded with items as this can cause a much higher likelihood of breakage and damage.

Put larger items in the bottoms of boxes when you do pack, but don’t try to cram too many large items in too many mixed boxes. Some people even prefer to use plastic containers for their move in order to increase durability, as well as for the visibility factor, making it much easier to identify which items are in each box.

Professional movers in Houston who have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau will have the experience necessary to know how to properly pack the truck most efficiently and safely. Please call the A+ BBB Rated Movers in Houston,