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What Does a Commercial & Residential Mover Do?

Regardless on whether you have a simple move from one location just across town to another location, or you have a more complex moving agenda that requires moving your belongs to another state, there is a great deal of stress that accompanies the moving process. Thankfully, there are professional movers that can prove you a stress-free moving experience. They have the training, experience and capabilities to pack your belongings and safely transport them to your new location. Many of these moving companies offer their services to both residential and commercial customers. Here is a list of services that you can depend on a reputable moving company to assist you with.

1. Packaging Up Your Belongings.

A professional moving company will come to your current location and package up your belongings. Extra care is taken with breakable items and furnishings. For example, many of the moving companies that you find will wrap your glassware and collectibles prior to boxing the up. This allows for extra cushioning during the transport process. Furniture that is easily scratched, chipped or marred is wrapped in protective padded blankets to avoid damage from occurring. Items such armoires, dressers, filing cabinets, desks or other furnishings that may open up causing them to sustain damage are wrapped in stretch wrap to prevent this from happening during the move.

2. Ensure That Confidential Paperwork and Other Belongings Are Secured.

Commercial businesses that are planning to move from one location to another can take comfort in knowing that their confidential property is secured in a professional manner. There is no threat of private information or confidential property being accessible by anyone other then you.

3. Your Belongings and Furnishings on the Moving Truck.

Before being boxed up, all of your personal belongings and contents are inventoried and marked for placement purposes when they arrive at your new location. The boxes are then loaded onto the moving truck.

4. Store Your Property For You For.

If you are unable to move into your destination location immediately, most professional moving companies offer the added amenity of a storage facility during the waiting period. If you are moving into a smaller space, some of your personal belongings can be stored for you in the company owned storage units for convenience. The moving company many charge for this benefit or a certain amount of time may be included in the fees you are charged for the moving services.


5. Unload and Set Up Your Property In The New Location.

Upon arriving at you new location, the movers will place protective runners over any carpet and flooring areas that may get dirty or damaged while moving your items into their new space. Protective padding may be placed around stair railings, doorways and banisters that may be in danger of being damaged while furniture and large items are moved into the home or office location. The movers will place the items according to their marking and sticker coding in the rooms or locations that they are intended to be placed. Some moving companies may not do this, as this can be a higher liability to their company and the safety of their employees. However, most professional movers do perform this duty for you. Furniture will be set up and assembled for you in some situation. This allows you to have the most stress-free transition possible.

6. Track Your Property If You Are Traveling Separately.

If you and your personal belongings are traveling a long distance separately, most big name moving companies utilize a satellite tracking system that allows them to locate the truck and your belongings quickly. This will allow you the ability to know when you can expect your personal belongings and furnishings to arrive at their new location so you are prepared.

7. Ensure Your Satisfaction.

A representative of the moving company will contact you once your move is completed to ask about your satisfaction. This follow-up process allows the moving company to make necessary changes to improve the services that are offered to their customers in the future. This also gives them the ability to guarantee that they have the opportunity to inquire about any damages that you may have sustained or praise that you would like to share with their staff of movers for their dedication to your services.

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