If you’ve ever had to run around to various grocery stories pleading for empty cartons because you were moving, then you know what a boon is it to get free cartons from the moving company who is handling your move. Especially if you have lots of books and knick-knacks, cartons are a necessity for packing.


Another thing you want from a moving company is an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. That is most likely to assure you of a stress-free move, something not everyone can say they have had.

In fact, some of the most horror-filled experiences people have had when they move from one residence to another are dealing with unethical, inexperienced and corrupt moving companies.


Make sure the moving company you hire offers packing and wrapping services, even if you intend to do those yourself. You can never tell when you will want the moving company to take over those exhausting chores.

It would also be nice if your moving company offers maid service and carpet cleaning services, so that you leave a clean home for the next occupants. Not only is it a friendly thing to do, it is sometimes in the contact for the sale of the home that it is left “broom clean.” That means you are absolutely not allowed to leave a mess behind.


Don’t forget that Houston is the 4th largest city in the country, and traffic can add hours of travel time to the move most days, as well as expensive tolls. Make sure your moving company is licensed in the state of Texas and that they carry insurance. You also want a moving company that knows how to get around the Houston area since it is so large.


A moving company that offers packing service is worth its weight in gold. Most working people have no time to pack the entire house, even if they allow sufficient time to do so. The stress and exhaustion of a move is more than enough inconvenience, so when a professional moving company can do the packing for you, you can be adding years to your life.

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