Compiling Personal Records

At Houston Student Movers, we want to make your moving experience as easy as possible. As a part of this effort, we have created a series of resourceful moving company web pages with packing tips to help you when preparing for a relocation or move in Texas.

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Packing Personal Records for a Safe Move

All the time you have been living in your current home, you have been building important
records of your personal history. Medical, dental, financial, and legal information will take
on increased importance in your new community. Information gathering should be a simple
process that you can begin working on several months before your actual move. Contact
your family doctor and dentist – and all of the specialists you may have been to like
pediatricians, obstetricians, and eye doctors and get copies of your medical records. Your new physicians and dentists will need your history. If you have a pet, you will need their medical records too. Your veterinarian can give you copies of their immunization certificates which you will probably need to get new tags or licenses.

Proper packing by a trained packer using specially designed cartons and materials is
crucial to a good move. Schedule packing with the mover a day or two before the
moving van is loaded. If you are packing yourself, it is never too soon to start.
While packing yourself can save money, movers will not usually accept liability for damage
to items packed by owners. Be present when your goods are packed. An inventory of your goods will be made, and it is important to resolve any disagreements prior to signing the inventory. Make sure all copies are legible and all items are numbered. Have valuable items listed separately. Some appliances may require servicing prior to the move. Your mover can schedule these services for you. There are several options for insuring your goods. All household goods shipments move under limited liability. However, you may purchase additional liability from your mover.

A Smooth Move Is In The Preparation

1) Start collecting newspapers prior to your move.
(Use newspaper only on glazed, non-porous Ceramics, glassware and metal objects.
Do not use on porcelain!)

2) Go to the grocery store or other convenience shops and ask if they have any crates or
boxes that you can use.

3) Make sure your boxes are strong enough to support the weight of other boxes being
stacked on top of them in the moving van.