Information on how to pack stereo equipment for shipping in Houston Texas.

You’ll need:

  1. Tape
  2. Plastic bags
  3. Original boxes and foam forms
    Double boxes (one a size larger than the other) Plastic peanuts

How to pack:

  1. Make sure all components are completely cooled off. Use color-coded tape to mark where cables and cords should go in the equipment when you get to your new home.
  2. Check your CD player manual to see whether you need to tighten screws that will keep internal components from moving around.
  3. If you have a turntable, tape down the “platter” that the record sits on. In addition, tape the arm to arm rest. Also, pack the plastic turntable cover separately from the turntable. If it comes off, it may screw down.
  4. Put all the components in original boxes, or put them in double boxes. The components go in the smaller box filled with peanuts; the smaller box should then be placed inside the larger box (which is also filled with peanuts).
  5. Put components in original boxes, or put them in double boxes. The component goes in the smaller box filled with peanuts, and the smaller box goes inside the larger box, also filled with peanuts.
  6. Don’t bundle components together in the boxes unless they’re small enough to be separated by peanuts.
  7. Seal and mark boxes “Fragile – Stereo/Audio Equipment.” That’s it!

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