How to store furniture, metal items, breakables, papers, appliances and clothes.

The following is a list of simple tips on how to properly store your goods:


  • Cover all furniture and disassemble, if possible.
  • Wrap table legs with packing paper as scratch protection.
  • Lay down blankets or a pallet between the furniture and the floor of the storage unit.
  • Place assembled tables top down on floor with legs pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Stack chairs seat-to-seat with cloth or paper separating them.
  • Avoid stacking or leaning furniture against outside walls.


  • Wipe a few drops of oil on bicycles and tools as a rust protector.
  • Avoid oil staining by storing exposed items in a separate space.


  • Wrap plates, saucers, and bowls individually before placing it in a china carton.
  • Use a china carton divider kit for increased security.
  • Fill paper into bottom, top and empty spaces in the carton.

Book and Valuable Papers

  • Use file boxes. They are the best containers for your important documents.
  • Pack books flat and fill any empty space to minimize movement.
  • Avoid overfilling cartons. Books are heavy.
  • Keep pallets free of moisture by placing plastic sheeting on top of them.

Large Appliances and Equipment

  • Leave appliance doors slightly ajar. Moisture and mildew will damage your valuables so make sure your refrigerator or freezer is clean and dry.
  • Use valuable storage space inside appliance’s for small items.


  • Avoid excessive wrinkling to your clothes by employing wardrobe boxes.

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