Information on what to tip the movers for doing a great job.


These Guys Work Hard

They have a difficult, backbreaking job, and they perform it with professionalism and good humor— they’re your movers.

Although tipping is optional, it is recognized as a reward for a job well done. If your movers did a good job, a tip is very much appreciated. On average, a tip is approximately $15.00 for every 1000 pounds of goods being moved, or 15% of the transportation charges. The foreman orchestrates the move, so you may want to consider giving him a little something extra for his performance.

Remember to divide the amount of the total tip amongst all the workers. When moving long distance, tipping usually takes place at both origin and destination.

Although they don’t need much, there are a few things you can do to help ensure a happy moving crew:

Supply driving directions.

Have food and beverages available at both ends of your trip.

Show them which items you want loaded last and which ones should not be loaded at all.

Chat a bit with them, but try to stay out of their way (do not wander to far away just in case they have a question)

Complete an inventory list. Note any apparent damages before you sign it.

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